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With plenty of field experience, we are happy provide hands on welder training on any TiP TiG System and are eager to support WPS / PQR Development and custom applications. Welding Production Consulting and Welding Quality Surveillance Service on Projects and Site Service
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Franco Ferrari
Profession: Boiler Maker and Industrial Welder by Trade
Certification: EWS / IWS Welding Specialist, IWS-CH 04 471 IWIP International Welding Inspector, IWIP-CH 12 951, EN 1090 - Level S AWSI Associate Welding Inspector, 04070414, LPT, MT, VT Level II ZTV KOR Dresden / Corrosion Expert Steel Structure, Member of Swiss Welding Association / Welding Specialistís, Member Singapore Welding Society
Key Expertise: 30 Years in Power Generation with BBC, ABB, Alstom and GE Fabrication and Production Service, Supplier Development Welding and NDE, Company Owner Consulting Energy Systems Service Pte Ltd Singapore 2006 / Company Owner TiP TiG International AG Switzerland 2012