AllinOne Wire Feeder
CW / HW Technology
Start TiP TiG welding!
Key Features:
The TiP TiG AllinOne Wire Feeder contains the unique TiP TiG Wire Feed System and the Hot Wire Generator all in one handy Box. Just plug the AllinOne Wire Feeder into almost any TIG Power Source and start with TiP TiG cold or hot wire welding in all positions. It comes with the required Torch, Cables and Hoses. The experienced TiP TiG International Team is available to travel to any place for site inductions and assistance.
• Easy to learn and easy to use
• Delivers fast and reliable process results
• Equipped for cold (AC) and hot (DC) TIG welding
• Works with almost any TIG power source
• Proven high equipment reliability
• Uses 4-Roll Drive for standard MIG Wires:
  0.8 mm (.030) / 0.9 mm (.035)
  1.0 mm (.040) / 1.2 mm (.045)
Torch Configurations:
• Super Cool 18 Hotwire Welding Torch
• Super Cool 20 Hotwire Welding Torch (long flex neck)
• Super Cool Change Neck Configuration
• Heavy Duty Super Cool Extreme Torch
• Air Cool 26 Hotwire Welding Torch
Technical Data:
Technical Data of AllinOne Wire Feeder
Input Voltage 230 V (+/- 20 %)
Input Phase 1
Input Hz 50 / 60 Hz
Duty Cycle (40 C) 500 A / 100 %
Wire Feed Speed 0,15 - 17 m/min
Wire Frequency 17 Hz
Net Width 352 mm
Net Height 525 mm
Net Length 600 mm
Weight of Wire Feeder 34 kg
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