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AllinOne Feeder
300% faster welding speeds
     400% higher deposition rates
StartUp Training
Key Features
The manual welding Solution
The AllinOne Wire Feeder contains the unique TiP TiG Wire Feed System and Hot Wire Generator in one Box. Plug the AllinOne Wire Feeder into almost any TIG Power Source and start manual TiP TiG cold or hot wire welding. It comes with the required Torches, Cables, Hoses and Remote Control. TiP TiG International is travelling to any place for StartUp Training and assistance.
Easy to learn and use Works with almost any TIG power source
For cold and hot TIG welding 4-Roll Drive for standard MIG Wires
Quickly delivers reliable results  
Wide application Range
The AllinOne Wire Feeder opens the full Range of manual TiP TiG Hot Wire welding
all Positions Mild Steel Aluminium
Pressure Parts Duplex Copper
Pressure Piping Super Duplex Titanium
Construction Inconel Hasteloy
Repairs Stainless Steel Zinc Plated
Technical Details
Torch Configurations:
• Super Cool 18 Hotwire Torch
• Super Cool 20 Hotwire Torch (long flex neck)
• Super Cool Change Neck Configuration
• Heavy Duty Super Cool Extreme Torch
• Air Cool 26 Hotwire Welding Torch
Standard MIG Wires:
• 0.8 mm (.030) / 0.9 mm (.035)
• 1.0 mm (.040) / 1.2 mm (.045)
Techical Data
Input Voltage 230 V (+/- 20 %)
Input Phase 1
Input Hz 50 / 60 Hz
Duty Cycle (40 C) 500 A / 100 %
Wire Feed Speed 0,15 - 17 m/min
Wire Frequency 17 Hz
Net Width 352 mm
Net Height 525 mm
Net Length 600 mm
Weight of Feeder 34 kg
Brochures PDF
User Manuals PDF
• Integrated Hot Wire Generator
• Works with most TIG Power Sources
TIG 500
• Complete Manual Welding System
•  AC or DC Inverter Power Source
• Safe 32 Volt Operation
• Integrated Hot Wire Generator