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Orbital System
300% faster welding speeds
     400% higher deposition rates
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Key Features
TIG orbital welding equipment with TIP TIG wire feed technology offers a wide range of applications. TIP TIG offers a large selection of pipe weld heads, power supplies, and turn-key welding systems. High precision and rugged weld heads for small or large diameter applications produce quality welds and increase productivity. The weld heads can be reconfigured in different ways to meet requirements. We also offer full turn-key solutions for straight line welding.
• HDTM technology • automation for all butt weld applications
• compact size • easy-to-use control unit for all parameters
• interference by remote control • welding parameter memory
• AVC, AEA, OSC control  • welding with combined parameters
• easy processing of all materials • deposition rate up to 5,Skg/h
• lowest energy per unit    • no spatter, low emission, no arc noise
• narrow gap welding technology  • smaller aperture angles
• less weld preparation    •less welding time
Application range:

TIG AC for Cold Wire applications, TIG DC for Hot Wire application, pipe butt welds in forced positions and longitudinal fillet-or butt welds

Materials for Hot Wire applications:

Low-, medium- and high alloyed steel, Duplex, Super duplex, Copper and Titanium, Stellite, highly heat resistant materials PS,24,91,92
Application advantages
Technical Details
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Only top quality components are being used to ensure top performance and highest possible reliability.
Powered by TiG 500 Compact Spare Box for Torch 400-5 "A" Large
Tractor Hot Wire Feeder Remote Control with 5m Cable
Tractor Hot Wire Module Cable HW Module to Feeder 1,4 m
Tractor complete with Stroke Extension Cable TIG 500 iDC / 3,0 m
Torch 410-5 "A", Water Cooled Cable connecting Tractor Torch 4m
Aluminium Profile Box complete    
Technical Data
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Input Voltage 350 V to 480 V
Input Phase 3
Input Hz 50 / 60 Hz
Mains Fuses (slow-blow) 3 x 32 A
Max. Connected Load 24,6 kVA, Imax = 35,5 A, Ieff = 24 A
Recommended Generator Power 34 kVA
Setting Range for Welding Current 4 A - 500 A
Duty cycle 40 % (40 C) 500 A
Duty cycle 60 % (40 C) 440 A
Duty cycle 100 % (40 C) 380 A
Wire Feed Speed 0,15 - 17 m / min
Wire Frequency 17 Hz
Protection Classification IP 23
Insulation Class F
System of Cooling F
Net Width 545 mm
Net Height 1230 mm
Net Length 1100 mm
Weight of WIG 500 Compact 147 kg
Standards IEC 60 974-1;-3;10 / CE / S-Safety sign / EMC class A
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